Serene Forest Leadlight Stickers

About Serene Forest Stickers

About The Artist
Einiitd Taylor lives in Margaret River with her husband and three children.  After several years of making stained glass Leadlight windows, she decided to try a more manageable medium in the form of window paint.  Einiitd found that in doing so, she could convert her stained glass designs, into ‘Leadlight Stickers’.  She continues to create new designs every year and handmake each Leadlight Sticker.  Most designs are inspired by the native Australian wildlife which lives around the Margaret River region.  Einiitd also likes to incorporate playful designs which include fairies and mermaids.
Serene Forest stickers are made using the highest quality materials from North America.  The sticker material is made by the Gallery Glass window paint range and is non-toxic water-based paints.  The header card packaging is printed locally at Margaret River Print, located in Margaret River Western Australia.

Application (How to)
Firstly choose a clean and dry non-porous surface to display your leadlight sticker.  Carefully remove the sticker from the packaging, then place the smooth side of the sticker on your chosen surface. Providing you remove stickers with care, they can be repositioned numerous times.  When removing stickers to reposition, ensure not to overstretch in the process.

Serene Forest Stickers will cling to most surfaces that are smooth and non-porous.  Ideal surfaces are windows and sliding doors, tiles, and mirrors.  Sticker placement is not recommended on painted surfaces, plastic, brick or course textured areas.  Car windows are not recommended, as extreme heat inside a car may cause sticker to melt.  Likewise, If stickers are put on the outside of a car, they can be affected by the weather. (Excess sun, rain, and debris)
The ideal position for a leadlight sticker would be where it receives light, but not direct sunlight.  Certain colours may also fade when affected by direct sunlight for long periods (red being the main colour)
Windows can be cleaned in the usual way while stickers are attached. Ensure you dry sticker after completing your window clean, to avoid moisture damage.
If the sticker is attached to a glass water bottle or another mobile object, a mild detergent mix or plain water can also be used providing you also wipe dry afterwards.  If you are concerned about this cleaning method, you can always remove sticker before cleaning and then reapply afterward. I recommend removing the sticker and reapplying about once a year, as plastic may harden and mould to glass over time and become difficult to remove after several years. Reapplying will help avoid this happening.